mental health navigation

Building Hope is excited to announce that by early summer of 2018, Summit County will have a full-time Community Mental Health Navigator available to serve Summit County residents. More and more communities and cities are beginning to employ navigators across the health care sector. Navigators are typically seen as patient advocates who help people get connected to the right level of care. The mental health navigator will not only be available for simple navigation like getting people connected to the appropriate mental health resource, but the navigator will also be available for case management and care coordination for individuals wanting or needing some extra support. They will help with need identification, goal setting, solution-focused problem solving, client education and client empowerment. 

frequently asked questions about the mental health navigator:

where will the navigator work?

The Mental Health Navigator will be housed at the Family Intercultural Resource Center (FIRC) but will also travel around to different partner agencies to support other agency's clients.

how much does it cost to use the mental health navigator?

The Mental Health Navigator's services are supported through the Building Hope budget in conjunction with a Colorado Health Foundation grant, so it is completely free for the community to use!

Is the navigator bilinugal?

Yes, our Mental Health Navigator is fully bilingual in both Spanish and English.

does the navigator provide therapy?

No, this is a non-clinical position which means that while the Mental Health Navigator will provide supportive services, they are not therapy services. While our Mental Health Navigator has an extensive background in mental health, she is not licensed as a therapist.