building hope community connectedness events

We’ve heard it in focus groups, surveys, needs assessment and from our friends over and over again. Living in Summit County can feel very isolating at times. Add to that some long, cold winters, the fact that 70% of residences are empty second homes and the transient nature of a resort community and you’ve got a recipe for disconnection, isolation and loneliness. Science has now demonstrated that when we lack social connections and supportive friend networks it actually impacts our mental health, physical health and life expectancy. For these reasons, Building Hope created Community Connectedness Events.

purpose of connectedness events

Through a myriad of fun, engaging, healthy and FREE activities, Building Hope Community Connectedness Events are designed to:

  • Give residents an opportunity to connect with one another in meaningful and fun ways, giving attendees an opportunity to develop new relationships in healthy settings
  • Teach tips and tools that will support resident’s emotional well-being
  • Talk about mental health in an open, judgment free, normalizing way, reducing stigma fear and shame around this previously stigmatized topic
  • Improve awareness around local mental health resources through the circulation of materials

Building Hope Community Connectedness Events address these goals in unique and creative ways and we encourage you to check out our events for yourself! Since the events are free and we partner with amazing organizations like Breck Create, CMC, Meta Yoga, Colorado Adventure Guides, you can bet they fill up quickly. Make sure to double check the event to see if it requires an RSVP. 

To check out upcoming Building Hope Events, click HERE

Interested in proposing a new event to our Building Hope Community Connectedness line up? Are you a facilitator, mental health professional, artist, awesome advocate for mental health that wants to propose an new event?  Send us an email at and he will respond with a proposal form which you can fill out and submit back.