Financial support is especially critical and allows Building Hope to continue offering our current programs and expand our reach.


Make a donation

IMPORTANT: The donations buttons will take you to the The Summit Foundation website, in the Memorial Fund field, please type Patti Casey Memorial Fund. 100% of proceeds from this fund go directly to supporting Building Hope.

$25 Donation

Pays for materials for one public outreach - sharing the mission of Building Hope, encouraging connection and reducing stigma around mental health


$65 Donation

Pays for one WE-CARE Package sent to families who have recently lost a loved one to suicide in Summit. Packages include books on how to navigate suicide grief, over two dozen local & national resources, hand-made cards,  fleece blankets & more


$75 Donation

Pays for one life-saving mental health scholarship, giving a Summit County resident access to therapy who otherwise would not be able to afford it


$300 Donation

Pays for one Building Hope connecting event reducing isolation among residents, bringing residents together in a health way, building relationships and promoting emotional well-being


$450 Donation

Pays for an evidence-based crisis intervention community mental health trainings, providing critical mental health educating for our community, teaching residents how to respond in a mental health crisis

$900 Donation

Pays for a round of 12 sessions of life-changing therapy for a local resident or family who cannot afford therapy


$2,500 Donation

Pays for an entire month of Building Hope Community Connectedness Events reducing stigma and isolation, bringing residents together and teaching tangible mental health tools