Financial support is especially critical and allows Building Hope to continue offering our current programs and expand our reach.


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Note: Our new payment portal allows you to make one-time and recurring donations, using either credit card or ACH (possible by inputting your routing and account numbers). All transaction information is kept highly secured and private.

$25 Donation

Pays for materials for one public outreach - sharing the mission of Building Hope, encouraging connection and reducing stigma around mental health


$65 Donation

Pays for one WE-CARE Package sent to families who have recently lost a loved one to suicide in Summit. Packages include books on how to navigate suicide grief, over two dozen local & national resources, hand-made cards,  fleece blankets & more


$85 Donation

Pays for one life-saving mental health scholarship, giving a Summit County resident access to therapy who otherwise would not be able to afford it


$300 Donation

Pays for one Building Hope connecting event reducing isolation among residents, bringing residents together in a health way, building relationships and promoting emotional well-being


$500 Donation

Pays for an evidence-based crisis intervention community mental health trainings, providing critical mental health educating for our community, teaching residents how to respond in a mental health crisis


Pays for a round of 12 sessions of life-changing therapy for a local resident or family who cannot afford therapy


$2,500 Donation

Pays for an entire month of Building Hope Community Connectedness Events reducing stigma and isolation, bringing residents together and teaching tangible mental health tools


*Refund are available for donations within 30 days of processing. For donations made using any other system, to learn whether refunds are available, or for any other questions, please contact Building Hope via email at

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