My interest in providing counseling grows from a personal desire to experience and see relational happiness & people thriving in community. I have nearly 30 years of personal and professional experience in substance abuse, addictions & recovery. I enjoy working with groups & families, adolescents, adults, children and couples.

I specialize in trauma processing, and as a licensed bodywork professional, know the profound effect it can have on the body and somatic systems. I understand how anxiety and personality disorders can be rooted in traumatic experiences, and am passionate about working with and advocating for people experiencing these challenges in life. I am also experienced in working with grief processing, depression and suicidality.

Whatever your path for counseling and therapy may be, I am available to be of assistance in your journey towards discovering and reaching your goals. I seek to be a point of connection, assisting others in the recognition and restoration of relational balance, and in an increasing wellness within mental health.