Kids and teens are facing new and extraordinary challenges as a result of our changing world. Those challenges can be stressful, overwhelming, and sometimes painful. I am here to provide support and intervention to help your kids and teens learn how to cope with, and develop skills needed to successfully navigate life’s difficulties. I use play therapy with younger children to help them communicate and process through their play. Play therapy is a way for younger children to express themselves in a nonjudgmental and supportive environment. I have been using play therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy interventions in teens and older children for four years. I also have specific training in providing interventions for trauma-related issues in children and adolescents. I can use cognitive behavioral interventions with older children and teens to help them identify and change patterns of ineffective behavior, emotional responses and thinking patterns that cause distress.

My passion for mental health comes from experiences in achieving positive outcomes from a therapeutic relationship. Engagement in the therapeutic process can be intimidating and anxiety provoking, which is often reduced or diminished significantly once the process begins. I am here to help reduce that anxiety and help individuals to feel successful. My goal is providing a safe, nonjudgmental environment to children and teens where they can feel comfortable and able to freely express themselves and achieve their desired outcomes. I am here to help children and teens to find their own voices and to feel able to successfully navigate challenges throughout their lives. It’s hard being a child or teenager, and I am here to help children and teens feel more confident and able to manage the difficulties that come with being child or teen during these changing times.