Summit Community Care Clinic is Summit County’s Federally Qualified Health Center. Summit Community Care Clinic offers a fully integrated model of health care providing medical, dental and mental health care. Their mental health providers are listed below. To make an appointment, please call (970) 668-4040 



Christian Diaz – (Bilingual Provider)

970-668-4040, Frisco


Specializes in:


Jeanette Kintz, MA, LCP, LAC
970-668-4040, Frisco
 Licensed Professional Counselor
Jeanette is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Addictions Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor. She specializes in substance use disorders, EMDR for trauma work and general mental health
conditions. She has lived in Summit County since 1997 and is also the Clinical Supervisor and Addictions Specialist at Mind Springs Health.


katie schmidt.jpgKatie Schmidt, MA
970-668-4040, Frisco
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate
Katie is  a licensed professional counselor candidate. She specializes in play therapy and early childhood counseling. She works at Summit Cove, Upper Blue and Breck Elementary. She has been working in School Based health since 2014.


lynn meyer.jpgLynn Meyer, MA, LPC 
970-668-4040, Frisco
Licensed Professional Counselor
Lynn is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado. She earned her Master’s degree at Colorado State University in 2009 and has been living in Frisco since 2011.  Lynn brings an open heart, humor, and understanding to her work with youth  and families in the school based health center.


matthew brenner.jpgMatthew Brenner – Master of Counseling Psychology
970-668-4040, Frisco
Serves: 12-Adolescent, Adult
As a therapist I want to help you achieve the goals that you set. To accomplish this we will work together from a holistic perspective to get your mind, body, and spirit to the place you want them to be. I have a generalist practice and I feel comfortable with many different types of clients. I have ten years of experience in the helping professions. My experience includes but is not limited to adolescents, addictions, men and boys, and sports psychology. I am a nationally certified counselor and registered with the state of Colorado as a Psychotherapist.

I don't accept insurance so your mental health issues do not follow you on your permanent medical record. With high deductibles and co-pays my rate is often not that much higher than using your insurance and protects your confidentiality. Please call me today for a free consultation


Michelle Deutsch, MS 
970-668-4040,  Frisco
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate
Michelle has experience working with child, adolescent and adult populations. Michelle is currently works in the Lake County School-Based Health Center, focusing primarily on play therapy. Michelle has a passion for working with students and their families and community involvement.  


susan preaus.jpgSusan Preaus, MA, LPC
970-668-4040, Frisco
Licensed Professional Counselor
Susan uses a strength based approach and incorporates Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Susan works with adolescents in the middle school School Based Health Center.  She moved to Summit County in 1994 and lives with her family.


Suzanne neal.jpgSusanne Neal , MA, LAC
970-668-4040, Frisco
Susanne is a Certified Addictions Counselor III and a
National Certified Counselor II. Susanne is trained in EMDR and
focuses on a holistic perspective with clients. Susanne works with clients around substance use and general mental health needs. She works out of the main clinic.