You’re considering therapy because you’re in pain. Whether there’s a deep sadness inside, feelings of depression, relentless anxiety that keeps you up at night, or you’ve experienced a traumatic life event such as the death of a loved one or an affair in your relationship, you’re hurting.

A few years ago, I began inviting some of the very best counselors and therapists to practice together in Fort Collins. We proudly call our practice Heart Centered Counseling, and I believe we have some of the very best resources available to you, whatever issues you’re struggling with, wherever you are. We’ll help you through the hurt, and get you the relief you deserve today.

If you’d like to talk to someone right away, you’re welcome to call us directly. You can also send an email to

Whether you call or email, all communication is strictly confidential. If you’re worried about money, we accept every insurance we can, and we work hard to ensure our fees don’t come between you and the help you need. I don’t know the exact reason that brought you here today, but I know it takes great courage to consider reaching out for help.

I want you to know, we’re here for you.