I am passionate about supporting people to reach their highest potential, through transforming challenge and pain into healing, strength, and empowerment.  As humans, we tend to carry unresolved, unintegrated issues with us, blocking us from reaching our best selves and our best possible lives. As a therapist, my work is to support my clients to identify these barriers to their personal happiness, heal from that which is holding them back, and begin to actively live the life they strive for.

I work with people of all ages as I find great enjoyment working with people in various stages of life.  I specialize in children, teens, and young adults, having spent the past ten years of my career working with this age group.  This includes children and adolescents experiencing trauma, depression, stress, anxiety, divorcing families, family conflict, bereavement, separation anxiety, performance anxiety, solastalgia (stress from environmental change), and ADHD. Part of this work often includes providing parenting support and coaching to help the child reach their highest potential and increase connectedness between children and parents/caretakers.

Additionally, I have spent the past three years of my career working with adults experiencing relationship issues, trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, isolation, parenting issues, emotional regulation challenges, domestic violence, ADHD, and barriers to actualizing their goals.

Trained in many different modalities, I use those which are most appropriate to my client.   I have speciality training in EMDR, Synergistic Play Therapy, Horticultural Therapy, and Animal-Assisted Therapy.  With EMDR Basic Training, I am able to help clients reprocess difficult and traumatic memories and experiences which have resulted in maladaptive responses in the present, clearing away stress responses, negative self-cognitions, and maladaptive patterns of behavior.  As a Synergistic Play Therapist, I am able to support children in working through issues, while learning to regulate their nervous system, and subsequently their bodies and emotions. While I use these modalities frequently, I also use DBT and CBT interventions in my work.  Finally, as a yoga instructor, I am passionate about the mind-body connection and integrate mindfulness and body awareness work into sessions as appropriate.

Finally, I believe in creating environments which are stress-reducing and inspiring to do this work within, and therefore specialize in creating therapeutic garden and nature settings as my “office space”, which research studies indicate are correlated with a decrease in stress hormones, depression symptoms, a sense of “getting away”, and an increase in an overall sense of wellbeing.  I strive to make these settings an option for those who prefer these environments.