Is Hypnosis MAGIC? No. Transforming the subconscious root of your pattern… can SEEM LIKE magic. Clinical Hypnosis, when provided by a licensed healthcare provider, is a safe, natural and deeply relaxing way to alter “stuck” behaviors, thoughts and feelings. It silences brain parts that interfere with change. YOU are always in control. Clinical hypnosis is routinely validated in professional journals for fears, sleep, pain, habit breaking, confidence building and performance enhancement. Virtually everyone can experience hypnotic relaxation.

My unique approach of hypnosis combined with BODY-informed, solution-focused counseling often results in dramatic success for those eager to do the self-work. Healing takes time; commitment to at least 6 therapy hours is requested to begin. Audio recordings of your sessions, self-hypnosis training are included for at-home reinforcement.

Talk therapy, alone, has its limits. After 14 years as a mental health practitioner, I shifted to treatment beneath the conscious mind because of profound and lasting effects. My preference is to treat few clients intensively (long sessions) for more rapid results. Colorado offices: Frisco on Wednesdays and Evergreen on Fridays.