I am a licensed clinical social worker with 15 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families. I also have extensive experience working in school systems. As a wife and mother, of a teenager, I am aware of the challenges that come with relationships in and outside the home. My personal and professional experience qualify me to assist an individual or family seeking assistance navigating the educational system, (inclusive of special education needs). I am able to provide a full social-developmental assessment, as well as other mental health assessments.

My approach is strengths-based using many different therapeutic interventions to assist in the client’s journey of growth. I find client’s strengths and difficulties help guide therapy. Clients may feel stuck and hopeless without the assistance of therapeutic support. However, when a client is able to fully integrate traumatic experiences into his/her life and move from a victim mentality to survivor mentality it is truly a healing moment.

I truly feel it is a courageous act for someone to be vulnerable and seek out therapy. I enjoy individual, family, couple and group work therapy. The honor of assisting clients learn therapeutic skills, so they are more empowered to love themselves and share their light with the world, is so rewarding.

Lastly, my additional specialities include Brainspotting, Emotional Free Technique (Tapping), Dog Assisted Therapy, Self-Care Skill Building, Personal Growth Skills and Self Esteem Skill Building.