The Faces of Hope Project is based on the belief that sharing courageously about the reality of mental health has the power to heal, connect and transform. Through the transparency of their stories, these locals lead by example and give others with mental health challenges permission to open up about their own journey. 

Faces of Hope 2021 

Mike Dudick

The Grand Negotiator: Mike Dudick's journey to take back control

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Haley Littleton

Order, Disorder, and Reorder: A Journey through Anxiety and Identity

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Jared Dennis

Driven by Hope

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Breanna Roach

From Success to Happiness A young woman’s bumpy road to contentment

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Ashley Hughes

From Healing to Healer: The Journey of Ashley Hughes

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Otto Reyna

Overcoming a suicide tragedy: Otto Reyna’s quest to help the Latino community start talking

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Nancy Kerry

Everlasting Hope By Nancy Kerry

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Faces of Hope 2017

Marilyn Hogan

After bipolar diagnosis, Summit County woman rebuilds a life

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Sam Higby

Climbing out of the darkness

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Betty Claybrook

Frisco mother still coming to terms with her son’s 2006 suicide

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The stories of our Summit County local residents have been so powerful that we are continuing our Faces of Hope series. 

share your story

Are you interested in sharing your experience with your own mental health challenges and recovery or with that of a loved one? We welcome your stories and submissions! Please submit a 1000 word biography detailing your personal experience. We are looking for stories that share openly and honestly but have also have a strong message of hope and recovery. Your stories are powerful tools for reducing stigma around mental health and we hope you’ll share with us!