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Lead Well and Stay Connected In Your Workplace

Need help navigating these mental health resources?

Mental health navigation is a new and unique service that helps Summit County residents walk through the complex system of mental health care and gets people connected to the appropriate resource when they experience barriers to access. Use our self-service mental health navigation tool or connect with a mental health navigator to find the services that would be most beneficial for you.

Bring Mental Wellness Into Your Workplace

Building Hope Workplace Mental Wellness Program

At Building Hope we believe in creating safe and supportive workplaces for our community residents and employees. Research shows that cultivating supportive mental health environments in the workplace helps to improve work satisfaction, employee retention, overall performance and more.

Building Hope is dedicated to helping employers create a workplace culture supportive of positive mental health in the community. We work with employers to assist with awareness of what mental health looks like, how it affects staff and the overall team, and work with employers to create a space for the team to talk about how they feel. We help employers to understand how to navigate when employees are struggling – how to be supportive to employee needs while enabling employers to continue workload production.

Interested in transforming your workplace into a place of mental wellness?

Contact Kellyn@Buildinghopesummit.org.

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Wellness Strategies

Building Hope Wellness Workplace Strategies help to:

  • Manage employee stress
  • Create a safe work environment
  • Improve mental health
  • Create an accepting and open community
  • Start a dialogue within staff members
  • Promote help-seeking behaviors
  • Review provider plans with mental health coverage.
  • Build resilience and life skills

Building Hope Workplace Programs and Strategies include:

Contact Kellyn@buildinghopesummit.org


Crisis Resources

Colorado Crisis Resources (24/7) – 1-844-493-8255 

SMART TEAM – Systemwide Mental Assessment Response Team – is a plainclothes Summit County Sheriff deputy, a behavioral health specialist, and a case manager who respond to mental health-related cases — including suicide threats, welfare checks, and more — to try to stabilize the person involved and de-escalate the situation. The program delivers a continuum of care from crisis response through stabilization, with the ultimate goal of safe return to the community.

SMART will respond to emergency and non-emergency crisis calls.

  • Call 911 in an emergency
  • Summit County non-emergency dispatch: 970-668-8600
  • Colorado Crisis Services: 844-493-8255

Local Advocates for Victims of Assault (24/7)

Peer Support 

Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART) model developed by Dr. Sood.

The course is an integration of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, and resilience. The goal is not to eliminate stress, which isn’t feasible, but to harness our challenges, so they become growth opportunities—for ourselves and others. The course is designed to help you learn about the human neural vulnerabilities and leverage that knowledge to build a resilient brain. This training will be available in Late Fall/Winter of 2022. 

For English contact: kellyn@buildinghopesummit.org

Employer Assistance Program (EAP)

Building Hope can provide your employees with therapy sessions through our mental health scholarship program. Essentially, this would function as an Employee Assistance Program that you could offer directly to your employees

In an effort to stretch Building Hope’s mental health scholarship fund, we have created a new program for employers that allows utilization of our scholarship network as an EAP program. This program would allow employees to access our therapy scholarship network as an EAP offering. The employer would be billed monthly by Building Hope for the number of therapy sessions used by the employee.

Building Hope has more than 50 providers locally; we’ve issued more than 1500 scholarships in the past three years, so the process for this is in place. All that is needed is verification of employment by the individual, information on current insurance benefits packages, then we send the employer a monthly bill for therapy provided. Because Building Hope is able to get great rates from providers, the program is both affordable for the employer and effective for the employee.

If you are a Summit County employer and are interested in providing an EAP to your employees, or to learn more about Building Hope’s EAP program, contact Ravi Jaishankar at ravi@buildinghopesummit.org or call 970-485-6271.

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