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Building Hope provides many resources to Mental Health Providers in our community.
Please review the resources below
and contact Ravi at Building Hope with any questions. 

Client Scholarship Program

Many times, one of the biggest barriers to accessing mental health care is cost. At Building Hope, we believe that cost should never keep someone from receiving the mental health care they need.

Building Hope has created a scholarship program for Summit County locals who are living and/or working in Summit County but are not able to pay for therapy. Individuals, families, or couples can receive short-term funding to access therapy through an easy-to-use system.

We are required to check whether clients have any other way to pay for therapy (insurance, Medicaid, EAP) before issuing a Building Hope Scholarship. Once staff has explored all other payment options with the client it is determined that there are still barriers to accessing care, a Building Hope Scholarship will be issued.

As a mental health provider, accepting scholarships is simple – fill out an MOU form below as well as a Provider Information form.  

Insurance Incentives Program

Lack of access to mental health services in Summit County continues to be a primary barrier in receiving mental health services. Our focus is to understand and remove barriers that Summit County clients are experiencing when trying to use their health insurance for mental health services.  Some of these barriers are literacy issues, high deductibles, network inadequacies, and provider of choice being out of network.

We found that the biggest challenges mental health providers are faced with around insurance are the low reimbursement rates, and the non-reimbursable hours spent on billing and claims management.  

With the development of Peak Health Alliance, a non-profit insurance purchasing collaborative which negotiated much higher reimbursement rates for providers and low to no deductibles in some cases for clients, this eliminated two major barriers for both clients using insurance and providers unwilling to accept insurance. However, providers still reported behavioral health billing management as a major reason they were not willing to be credentialed with insurance carriers. 

Our goal is to make taking insurance an easy process for providers.  Building Hope has launched an insurance billing management program to remove billing management from provider’s plates, allowing them to spend more time providing care and less time facilitating claims and billing management.    

To participate in this program providers must be willing to follow the guidelines as follows.  

Insurance Program Stipulations:

    • Building Hope will offer billing management services for commercial insurance, Medicaid, CHP+, Medicare, and some EAPs.
    • Building Hope will pay for up to five hours of consulting time with the provider and our billing vendor for setup, troubleshooting, provider education, and other general concerns.
    • Building Hope will offer a Medicaid “capacity bonus” up to the negotiated scholarship rate for up to 24 sessions worth of care.
    • Building Hope will only offer billing management services for claims of clients who live or work within Summit County, Colorado.
    • Private providers will not hold Building Hope financially responsible for any denied or rejected insurance claims.
    • Building Hope will not be held responsible for any fraudulent claims or legal fees as a result of fraudulent claims.
    • Credentialing and paneling renewal will be the responsibility of the private provider each year.
    • Building Hope reserves the right to modify or change this program with appropriate prior notice.
    • Any insurance-related questions or issues will always be resolved by our billing vendor, and not Building Hope.
    • It is the responsibility of the provider to collect any co-pays or payments at time of appointment and from the client.
    • Provider agrees to participate in short impact surveys to measure program efficacy.

If you are interested in participating in the Insurance Incentive Program please …. (fill out form?  contact?)

Medicaid Credentialing: Please contact Kendra Peters for support with Medicaid Credentialing:
Insurance Credentialing: Reach out to insurance panels directly through company websites.

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Mini Grants

Building Hope’s Mini-Grant Program is designed to be a nimble and responsive funding opportunity to fulfill short-term needs that an individual provider or agency might have when working to improve mental health services and capacity in Summit County.

The grant-funded program must be time-limited and have a concrete impact on one of the core community mental health goals. 

This grant program is designed to help achieve the following core community outcomes:

  • Improve behavioral health
  • Create a stronger behavioral health delivery system,
  • Improve community environment supportive of behavioral health


Providers may apply for a Mini-Grant for the following: 

  • Professional Development:  Attending advanced training for the advancement of MH specialization;  Completing further education courses to advance career development
  • Licensure Supervision: Costs related to the attainment and completion of required supervision hours and expenses related to licensure for a local mental health professional.
  • Community Support: Offering of a training program or workshop series; Hosting an outside MH professional to facilitate a training program; Supporting translation services for a specialized mental health program or service; Providing support groups for specific demographics or populations in need; Purchase of prevention or education materials to promote emotional wellbeing or to provide information to an underserved population in Summit County; Offering a connecting event or program that requires a higher fee to deliver to the program
  • Pilot Programing: Creating ongoing support groups in the community that become programming within your agency or practice; Creating new programming to be delivered in Summit County that will improve the mental health care to residents and populations in need.

    **Note: Support for obtaining a Professional Development or Licensure Supervision grant requires the provider to have a consistent practice in Summit County for a minimum of 2 years, otherwise funds will need to be paid back to Building Hope**

Individual applicants may request up to $2,000/year from the Grant Program and agencies or group practices may request up to $25,000/year.  Mini-Grants are reviewed on an ongoing basis.?

Networking Opportunities

Building Hope aims to empower our provider community by supporting you with different networking opportunities such as:

  • Provider Mixer: The goal of this free event is to give mental health professionals the opportunity to network with one another and provide updates and education around a variety of topics (everything from new programs to important system-level changes). This event is usually held at a venue that serves alcohol. Typically one drink ticket and dinner is provided. Please sign up for our provider mailing list to learn when our next mixer will take place!
  • Summit County Mental Health Providers Facebook Group: Please join our local Facebook Group to network with other mental health providers, learn what’s happening in the community, and share news about your practice.
  • Provider Events: Need to complete this section


Continuing Education Opportunities

Building Hope occasionally partners with professional educational groups to provide CEU opportunities to our local providers.  Stay up to date on these opportunities by signing up for our email list.

Past opportunities have included the following webinar sessions:

We’re All Imperfect. You Are Not Alone.

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