If you are in crisis, please call 911. For non-emergent needs call 988 or CO Crisis Services at 844-493-8255

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Dear Summit County Mental Health Professionals,


Hope this message finds you well! I will be out on vacation with no connectivity and back on Thursday, Nov 9th. Please contact Kristen with any questions you may have.



Next Provider Mixer on Thu, 12/7 at Outer Range Brewing


Join us to mingle and make merry with your fellow mental health professionals on the first Thursday of December! Registration is live here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/building-hope-provider-mixer-dec-2023-tickets-740862598977/



Update on scholarship extension requests


Please find the first item attached: a letter from Building Hope leadership regarding updates to our request for extension policies and processes. The letter has very important information for scholarship providers and mentions a new form to use to apply for a scholarship extension. Here is a link to the new form for your future use.



Update on monthly Provider & Navigation Zoom meetings


Building Hope is consolidating its two monthly morning Zoom meetings for mental health providers and agencies into one.

  • We will be merging our larger, agency/organizational, mental health navigation meeting with our smaller monthly therapist/provider meeting.
  • This is so that we can come together at all levels and share updates and collaborate in a single place.
  • A new calendar invite will be sent out for a recurring monthly mtg on 3rd Wednesdays from 9am-10am.
  • Each month will alternate between presentations from the community and individual updates. Next month (Nov) we’re doing presentations. Dec will be an update centric meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Wed, 11/15, and we’ll have presenters from Peak Health Alliance + Denver Health, and a presentation on M1 hold + other psych related processes at the hospital.


If you have not been included on the calendar invite, please email me and I’ll be sure to forward it to you (when I’m back from vacation).



Free Envision:You training


Envision:You is a valued partner serving the LGBTQ+ community. Attached are two flyers that provide information about a BHA grant opportunity, as well as an overview of their excellent training. Please read on for more details:


Dear Summit County Mental Health Provider Community,


My name is Victoria Giles-Vazquez, LPC, and represent Envision-You, a local Colorado non-profit dedicated to addressing the unique needs LGBTQ+ people have when considering and accessing behavioral healthcare. I am also a fellow provider that is proud of being part of the Mountain Strong network.


I am interested in connecting with my fellow Mountain Strong and Building Hope network providers to discuss the opportunity to offer our LGBTQ+ Behavioral Health Provider Training Program. This training series focuses on bringing cultural relevance into working with LGBTQ+ clients in a behavioral health setting AND creating affirming and inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ clients.


We have the pleasure of announcing that we have received grant funding from the Colorado Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) to offer a number of free and/or discounted seats for local organizations helping meet the needs of marginalized communities within the state of Colorado. We would like to consider your organization for potential free and/or discounted seats for one of our next scheduled trainings. I have attached a PDF with more information about this opportunity to this email.


Additionally, we are using this interest form to make sure we are equitable in the distribution of this free and discounted training. Fill out the interest form here if you are interested in this opportunity. (https://forms.gle/41vofsWHqDGqeURr5)


We also offer discounts for nonprofit organizations, academic and government institutions, and students available for Levels 1 & 2. For more information please contact the program manager, Marie Hafner, at marie.hafner@envision-you.org.


Thank you for your commitment to serving the needs of our LGBTQ+ clients!



All four Envision:You training modules are now FREE

Envision:You recently released four population-specific training modules designed to further enhance your skills and knowledge in providing inclusive care to specific populations within the LGBTQ+ community. All of the modules take one hour and are online, on-demand.

If you have completed Levels 1 and 2 of the LGBTQ+ Behavioral Health Provider Training Program, you are eligible to take ALL FOUR of the population-specific modules at NO COST. This no-cost opportunity for continued learning is available through November 10th.
After November 10th, if you have completed Levels 1 and 2, you will have the opportunity to choose one population-specific module at no additional cost. 


For more information, please visit: https://www.envision-you.org/lgbtq-behavioral-health-training


Should you have any questions or require support, you can reach out to our dedicated team at training@envision-you.org.



Living Out Loud Adolescent Enhanced Outpatient Program (EOP) @ Mile High Behavioral Health Care in Frisco

Just announced! Up to 9 hours of weekly intensive outpatient style care for highly acute adolescents! Please see attached flyer for more details and contact Ciara McCoy with questions.



Front Range Clinic now offering psychiatry services!


FRC, in our integrated care center in the Medical Office Bldg in Frisco, is offering tele-psychiatry services. Psychiatric referrals require that the client completes a telehealth intake first. Accepting all insurances, and Medicaid + Medicare. Contact Dayna DeHerrera-Smith for questions.



Teen Center therapy space open for therapist use


If you need a space to meet with a client and are interested in using the Teen Center (located in the County Commons in Frisco) weekdays between 9:00 am-2:00pm, please contact Elizabeth Edgar, Youth & Family Services Manager, elizabeth.edgar@summitcountyco.gov.



Group Updates


Please see attached flyers for several group updates including:


FIRC’s Affordable Health Insurance Coverage guides

MHBHC’s Physical Wellness Group

MHBHC’s Teen Art Therapy Group

MHBHC’s Sober Doesn’t Suck Friday night series



Adults Mental Health First Aid Training


Please find attached a flyer for a MHFA training taking place in Silverthorne from Tuesday, Nov. 14 and Wednesday, Nov. 15, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30p.m. at the Art Spot Makerspace. Registration: silverthorne.org/programregistration



Speak Up Reach Out: “This is My Brave Show” in Eagle County


Our partners at SURO are excited for their 2nd This is My Brave Show in Eagle County.  We hope you will consider joining us as these brave storytellers put it all out there. 





Medicaid Information Session – Recorded


We are very grateful for Sarah Meade @ The Health Partnership for hosting this information session and getting a recording for our reference:


A recording from our Medicaid Information Session for Behavioral Health Providers can be found here:



In this session, representatives from Rocky Mountain Health Plans walked us through the process of Medicaid enrollment and credentialling. This will be useful to anyone who is curious about enrolling in Medicaid and wants to learn more. If you have questions or are looking to move forward with enrollment, you can contact Kendra Peters directly at kendra_l_peters@uhg.com or 970-783-3019. Kendra will sit with you through enrollment and guide you in the process, so you don’t have to do it alone! I have heard some providers mention that the enrollment process can be difficult and confusing and time consuming. Kendra will help cut out the hard stuff and get you moving forward with enrollment. I sat in on enrollment sessions with one of our local providers and was so impressed with Kendra’s knowledge of the process and her ability to get the provider through all of the online paperwork quickly. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or for support (she’s happy to help!) and feel free to let me know if you would like a warm connection with Kendra. 



Therapist job opportunity with Hannah Buzzo, LPC


Alchemy Therapy and Wellness is hiring for a contract (part-time or full time) therapist for private practice. Looking for someone who is interested in psychedelic-assisted and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, in addition to providing traditional therapy services. Open to licensed/provisionally licensed providers, and therapists who have not been formally trained in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. E-mail Hannah for more info: hannahbuzzolpc@gmail.com



Volunteer to be a Mountain Mentor!


  • Our volunteer mentors share a common passion for supporting young people
  • Volunteers are asked to make a one-year commitment, meeting eight hours each month with their mentee
  • Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Before you apply, read the Mentor Position Description to see if the program is a good fit for your volunteer interests & learn more about the screening process
  • After reading the Mentor Position Description, fill out the Mountain Mentors Adult Volunteer Application


  • Activities with your mentee can range from help with schoolwork, going to the recreation center, baking or cooking, crafts, science experiments, or participating in snow sports. A year-round activities program is offered to facilitate the relationship-building process between mentors and mentees. Mountain Mentors hosts an average of three group activities per month for mentors, youth, and families. These activities include art and performing arts classes, hiking, snow sports, bowling, an overnight hut trip, community events, and service activities such as volunteering at the Elks Lodge community dinner.

See attached flyer for more details, and contact aaron.matheson@summitcountyco.gov with questions. See Mtn Mentor’s website for more info: https://www.summitcountyco.gov/332/Mountain-Mentors



Monthly Community Dinners hosted by Mile High Behavioral Health


MHBHC is hosting free monthly community dinners on the last Wednesday of every month at the Senior Center from 5-7pm. Please mark your calendars and we hope to see you there! Please invite your clients for free food, fun and games!

The next dinner is on 10/25!



Navigating the Journey of Surviving Suicide


 Hosted by Carlie Health

Join us for a one-hour continuing education event in honor of International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. Survivors will bravely share their experiences and attendees will gain a comprehensive grasp of the breadth and gravity of suicide in the U.S. 

Thursday, November 16, 2023

1:00pm MT




How high levels of THC impact adults & children with Dr. LaTisha Bader


This presentation will outline the rapidly changing culture of cannabis use highlighting potency and routes of administration, perception of risk, and common exchanges regarding substance use and women’s issues. It will share popular products marketed to women and campaigns targeted to female identified individuals. It will review public health concerns including child protective services, health concerns of using during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as the influence on self and family, and how to have an intelligent “cannabis conversation.” 

This training includes 1.5 CE hours approved by NAADAC


Tue Nov 7, 2023 9am – 10:30am (MST)


Meeting ID: 849 2998 0481

Passcode: 773270



The Blue Print Summit & Summit Stage Microtransit Survey


  1. Blue Print Summit: The County is in its beginning stages of planning for the future 10 years of Summit County. But we want to hear from as many residents and workers as possible. If you could share this website/questionnaire with your staff (newsletters, on social media, email blasts, however you want!) encouraging participation, that would be incredible. The questionnaire only takes about five minutes. https://blueprintsummitcounty.com/test?tool=survey_tool#tool_tab and the first Open House for future planning is next week, October 11th, at 9-11am or 6-8pm, both sessions are open to everyone and anyone!
  2. Summit Stage Microtransit Survey: Another five-minute survey asking people if they would like an alternative option to the bus, by being able to schedule personal shuttles around Summit County. Here’s the link to that: https://fp.mysocialpinpoint.com/summit-county-microtransit-study

Please contact Kerry.OConnor@summitcountyco.gov for questions.



Naloxone Vending Machine input needed!


Please find a flyer attached seeking input on where Public Health can deploy Naloxone dispensing vending machines in Summit County.



Mental Health America – Free Spanish Language Resources


We are thrilled to have valuable resources to enhance mental health support for Spanish-speaking communities:

  • Culture, Community, and Connection: 2023 BIPOC Mental Health Toolkit – The BIPOC Mental Health Month campaign and toolkit were designed to provide culturally responsive mental health information to highlight three core pillars of culture, community, and connection and how integral they are to BIPOC communities. The toolkit includes factsheets, worksheets, shareable images, and more that can aid community discussion and guide individuals to helpful resources.
  • Selfies, Social, and Screens: Navigating Virtual Spaces for Youth: 2023 Back to School Resources – The Back to School campaign and resources were developed to help increase understanding of how online activity affects the mental health of children and teens. The factsheets, shareable images, and other materials in the toolkit can be used to help manage the challenges of virtual spaces and empower youth to make informed decisions for their mental health and well-being.
  • New Mental Health Resources Hub in Spanish: Our Spanishlanguage resources hub provides a comprehensive collection of mental health materials to assist individuals, families, and others in accessing valuable mental health resources for the Spanish-speaking community.

We invite you to download our campaign materials, explore the resources on our website, and share them within your communities. Together, we can foster mental health awareness and support for all.

Mental Health America

500 Montgomery Street, Ste 820  | Alexandria, Virginia 22314

(703) 684-7722 | info@mhanational.org



Order Free 988 Materials

The CO BHA is excited to announce that free 988 print and digital materials are now available to order! The materials and messages are informed by feedback from the people of Colorado and were designed in collaboration with a workgroup of community partners. 

988 is Colorado’s new mental health and substance use help-line that offers free, confidential support 24/7 through call, text, or chat-based support. People can connect with a trained 988 care specialist to get support when they are experiencing emotional distress or struggling with mental, behavioral health, or substance use challenges. 

People who work in health care or community-based organizations can serve as critical connectors for people experiencing mental health or substance use issues. By helping spread awareness about 988, you can give hope to people in your community by referring them to a trained 988 care specialist. 

Order free print materials | Download digital materials

If you have any questions about these free 988 digital or print materials, please email cdhs_bha_outreach@state.co.us


3rd Annual Substance Use Disorder Stakeholder Forum 

The Department of Policy Healthcare and Financing (HCPF) Third Annual Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Stakeholder Forum is coming up. 

The forum will be held virtually from 5 to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 10. Participants can register on Zoom by clicking here

Participants will be able to ask questions about how the benefit expansion works and share ideas about community needs in the SUD space. Visit the Ensuring Full Continuum SUD Benefits web page for more information.

Auxiliary aids and services for individuals with disabilities and language services for individuals whose first language is not English may be provided upon request. Notify the SUD team at hcpf_sudbenefits@state.co.us or the Civil Rights Coordinator at hcpf504ada@state.co.us at least one week prior to the meeting to make arrangements.




As always, thanks for everything you do. Please let us know if there’s anything Building Hope can do to support your practice. Looking forward to seeing you at one of our community events, or the next mixer.


Friendly reminder also to check our mental health provider facebook group as things get posted there on a more quick basis than these emails.


Lastly, if you are a private practice clinician and have a profile on Bldg Hope’s therapist directory, please email me any updates to your profile, such as your availability, new health insurances, new location, new specialties, etc!