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Kayaking Connectedness Event

The Benefits of Community Connections

“The opportunity and the encouragement to share honestly what is going on makes all the difference for turning the process of doing art into the process of sifting through life. The fact that people come to these events expecting to share and connect makes it worth attending. The event itself is the conduit to the much-needed human connection I am hungry for and actually shapes my healing. Thank you. ”

Summit County is home to a variety of residents from all over the globe. Regardless if you come for just the ski season, or hoping to stay for the long-term it’s never easy being alone in a new area. As humans we crave connections with our community and the benefits that come with these encounters. There is plenty of evidence supporting the relationship between social connections and your mental health. Not only can it lead to a decrease in depression and anxiety, but it can also boost your endorphins and self-esteem while strengthening your empathy towards others.

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Building Hope created their Free Community Connectedness Events in an effort to reduce isolation and help residents foster meaningful connections with each other. It can often be challenging to create meaningful relationships in our tourist, often-transient community. We offer a wide variety of events including yoga, art, Zumba, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and more with English, Spanish, and Bilingual options for all residents of our community.

“I enjoyed the sense of connection and opportunity to share, validate, and participate in this event with others. Thank you for making this possible.”

These events offer the opportunity to try a different activity and meet new friends in Summit County. We also strive to create a judgment-free space with tangible mental health tips and tools with various resources. We also reduce mental health stigma by talking about mental health issues in an open, honest and supportive way at all of our events. Here at Building Hope we want every member of our community to know they are not alone- we want to help you connect and heal.

“It is a great opportunity to meet new people, participate in a new experience, and learn about resources that are available to you in the community. The events are free, and everything you need is provided. Even if you go alone, there are supportive people and you have nothing to lose.”

Since 2018 Building Hope Events have impacted 5,868 residents at 326 Connectedness Events.

We are grateful for your support to continue our impact on the community.

For more information on the latest Connectedness Events, please see the Events Calendar.

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Article by Alyse Piburn, special projects writer for Building Hope Summit County. If you have a story to share, reach out to her at alyse@buildinghopesummit.org.
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