Everyone experiences stress. Life gets busy. Life gets hard. Sometimes, life hurts. My desire is to help you discover peace in all areas of your life and allow that peace to transform your heart: the center of your soul, your mind, your will, and your character. My goal is to empower you through grace to discover healing, renewal, and hope in the midst of life’s struggles. My responsibility is to walk beside you through life’s difficult moments, instilling confidence, integrity, and dignity.

I strive to empower clients to gain a better quality of life. I view people holistically, and help clients work towards cognitive, emotional, and spiritual health. Counseling is about people processing through life together. My style involves allowing freedom for laughter and tears, conversation and silence, logic and emotion.

In counseling sessions, I pair specific techniques with a client’s needs. I use cognitive behavioral techniques and creative means of self-expression for holistic healing.