In the face of trauma, grief, substance abuse and mental health challenges we can find ourselves weighed down, overwhelmed, hopeless, disconnected and uprooted. My hope in providing therapy support is to walk through those challenges with you and collaborate with you on your journey towards healing, exploration, empowerment, growth and rediscovering your roots.

I feel strongly that the counseling relationship is a critical tool that allows you as a client to connect with your own inner experience and ability to heal. I believe in creating a space of compassion and authenticity where you can be vulnerable and explore your inner world without judgment to discover new avenues for growth, joy and connection.

My approach to therapy is rooted in the Relational-Cultural Theory belief that connection is fundamental to our mental health and that growth-fostering relationships are a source of meaning and empowerment. I also utilize Internal Family Systems theory to explore, befriend and heal parts to work towards balance, integration and connection with self.