Bridgid brings a warm and compassionate presence to counseling, utilizing a holistic and eclectic approach to facilitate healing and self-discovery for adult individuals and couples. She is passionate about creating a safe and transformative space for people of all identities to explore their personal values and develop the skills to better manage life’s challenges.

Bridgid takes the time to deeply connect with her clients, gaining a thorough understanding of their unique challenges and perspectives. Her approach is creative and multidisciplinary, ensuring that every client feels heard and seen. She believes that radical self-acceptance and transformation are possible, but acknowledges that they require hard work.

Life can be tough and leave us feeling lonely, anxious, or stuck. Having a counselor who creates a space for you to express the complexity of your feelings can be incredibly powerful. Bridgid is here for you, and she firmly believes that you have what it takes to overcome obstacles. Sometimes, all it takes is learning how to get out of your own way.