Congratulations on seeking out support for yourself or your loved one. Taking the step to engage in therapeutic services can often be the scariest, yet bravest thing a human can do. I believe that therapy is a mutual and cohesive journey; with the client in charge of their pathway. Because no two humans are alike, no two treatment pathways will be alike either. I am well-versed in meeting people where they are at, listening with a non-judgemental ear, providing unconditional positive regard, and creating a safe space for healing and processing.

I enjoy working with teens and adults who are struggling with any range of life stressors; both internally and externally. As a licensed social worker, I am trained in a variety of modalities and specialties and I have an extreme passion for helping my community. I am currently finishing up a licensure in addiction counseling, and very much enjoy working with folks looking to re-evaluate their relationship with susbtances. I have lived in Breckenridge for 12 years and in my “free time” I enjoy skiing, snowboarding, attending concerts, biking, hiking and hanging out with my favorite 4 legged friends – Piper and Ripple!

I look forward to having the opportunity to get to know you and helping you navigate life, establish goals and establish a therapeutic relationship. Feel free to text/call/email if you are interested in starting services!