At Colorado Healing Collective (CHC) we believe that the healing of the individual is the key to the healing of our world. We believe that every individual, regardless of past experiences and current challenges, has the ability to heal, to build a healthier, more meaningful life, and to be a contributing member of an interconnected community. We believe that through psychotherapy, training, education, and building an awareness and acceptance of self and others, each of us can be important facilitators of personal and global change.

As a psychotherapy and training center, CHC provides an array of counseling services by Master’s level interns (students who have obtained an undergraduate degree and are working towards masters degrees in counseling psychology or social work). Working with a graduate level pre-licensed therapist means your therapist is currently in their final step of training to receive their degree and eventual licensure as either a licensed professional counselor (LPC) or licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). All interns at CHC will be plugged into a matrix of clinical supervision, headed by three highly skilled and experienced licensed supervisors (with over 70 years’ accumulated experience). CHC interns participate in group supervision, as well as ongoing training sessions which cover a myriad of evidence-based therapy techniques and approaches in the field.

CHC works with all ages, providing individual, family, couples, play and group therapy. We provide in person therapy and tele-health. Our expertise includes play therapy, expressive art therapies, EMDR, Gestalt Therapy, high conflict divorce, PACT, and somatic approaches for intergenerational trauma.