I have been in practice as a clinical psychologist since 1984.  My degree is in Clinical Psychology with a Specialization in Child Development. The treatment that I offer is always based upon the needs and the outlooks of the client, whether age 2 or 62.  Because I was trained as a developmental as well as clinical psychologist, my client’s history, background and resulting belief system helps me decide which strategies to offer and at what time during the treatment to offer them.  To me, understand history helps us know how the past “lives in” the present, and how to make changes in the present and the future for a higher quality of life.

In working with children or adults, the therapy is always a team project.  In Child therapy, this means involving the parents to obtain weekly information, answer questions, and provide guidance for parenting adjustments.  In working with older teens and adults, this means that the client has options to include members at times that seem helpful, and to keep in mind the client’s wishes and hopes.

Confidentiality, trust, honesty and humor are important parts of the treatment approach.

Since 1989 I have been a part time instructor of alpine skiing to children and adults in Summit County, Colorado.