Everyone’s journey in life is filled with challenges that often help us to understand more fully who we are. Sometimes it is helpful to have another perspective, a guide, or tools to navigate these difficult stretches of the journey. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families in counseling for the past 13 years and was an educator prior. I work with a wide variety of clients, but have extensive experience working with anxiety, depression, divorce, parenting, life transitions, personal discovery, and spiritual issues.

I tailor my approach to each individual’s needs and personality, but lean toward strength-based cognitive approaches. I draw from a variety of theories, strategies, and techniques and strive to offer practical tools each session. I also tap into belief structures that guide you.

I may be able to help you see or feel things in a way you have never experienced before, discover your personal truth about an issue, or approach a familiar problem from a different angle. It’s your journey, and I consider it an honor to be invited into it.