It is important to know when you seek therapy that you are not alone in your struggles, and that I strongly believe that asking for help is a sign of strength. I bring a strengths-based approach focused on bringing out the best of yourself, your teen, your partner, and your family in order to overcome the difficulties and stresses you’re facing. I use a wide range of approaches, but most important to me is that each of us struggles in our own individual way, and so my approach is tailored to your needs and goals. We will start with the issue or area of life where you feel the most immediate need and work together to make sure you feel we are addressing your goals throughout therapy.

I provide therapy for adults, couples, teens, and families. A primary goal in my work is “undoing aloneness” working to rebuild your connections and relationships as you heal from the pain and losses of the past. My work is present-centered and informed by Affective Neuroscience; this means we are not “just talking” I work to help you rewire your experience. In my work with teens and their families, I have provided intensive services within community mental health in collaboration with Probation and Human Services to support the most at-risk youth of Boulder County. For teens, I have seen time and again, the importance of including families in treatment, and we will work together to determine what this means for you. I work to support LGBTQ+ youth in feeling secure in their identity; I support their families in creating an environment where they can thrive. Most always people come to therapy with the questions of “What can therapy do for me?” “How does therapy work?” and “Can therapy really help me with my needs?” I see working together as a collaboration; I bring the expertise in mental health/counseling services, and you bring the expertise on yourself, your relationship, or your family. Wondering if I can support you? Please reach out to ask questions or set up a time to discuss.