I work with people of all ages to deal with the difficult challenges that life can bring. I specialize in play and family therapy, individuals and couples. We work together to resolve issues of divorce, trauma, physical and sexual abuse, grief and loss, misbehavior, school performance, sensory integration issues, ADHD/ADD, blended families and transitions. We can heighten your insight and awareness about how to shift into healthier, more satisfying patterns and highlight your strengths, talents and passions to create the life you desire. It takes courage to seek counseling support to make changes in your life. I respect your journey and sincere effort.

Play therapy can help relieve feelings of stress, stimulate creative thinking and exploration, regulate emotions and foster self acceptance and caring towards others. Individual and couples work can free you from the negative patterns and help you move towards greater satisfaction and genuine happiness. EMDR and mindfulness can neutralize and transform the trauma and pain. *Currently I have limited space for play therapy*.

Therapy is an inner journey, a discovery of your clarity and self awareness. My approach is compassionate, supportive, and client centered to help facilitate wellness and healing, enhancing positive and productive relationships, and working to reduce your suffering, to actualize genuine happiness and fulfillment.