I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with my office located in Breckenridge, Colorado. I am trained in a neurobiological and attachment based approach to relationship with self and other. I have experience in helping a client process through anxiety, depression, life transitions, divorce, grief and loss, suicidal tendencies, sensory processing sensitivities and more.

I sought out this profession after experiencing deep healing through my own therapeutic process. I felt convicted that I wanted to offer this gift to others. Therapy is my passion, yet it is also hard work and can be quite uncomfortable at times. It isn’t always easy to change the lens through which we see the world, or face the sources of our daily challenges. I strongly believe that each of us has the capabilities within ourselves to face whatever those challenges in our lives may be. Sometimes we need some fresh perspective, emotional guidance, emotional regulation tools and reminders of how to be our authentic selves.  It often helps to have someone we can trust to walk with us through this process, and that is who I want to be for my clients.