Mili can be contacted over email or WhatsApp as she is out of the county until 2023. She is still accepting clients and offering telehealth appointments.

WhatsApp#: (970) 409-0899.

I love to help clients get in touch with emotions and situations that are hard to integrate. I believe we all seek to be in relationships with others and ourselves. Often times we have unfinished business that is in the way of achieving healthy relationships. What I love the most is supporting each client’s process in making sense of their life. I have experience working with abuse, trauma, PTSD, aggression, depression, anxiety, loss and grief, family dynamic challenges, bullying, domestic violence, and couples issues. I believe there is no need to self-improve only to awaken our own potential.

Play Therapy models children tools for self-regulation to implement when feeling challenging emotions, as well as acquiring social skills that will help them interact with more empathy in the world. I specialize on the following issues: aggression, birth trauma, adoption, ADHD, sensory integration, domestic violence, sexual abuse, outrageous tantrums.

EMDR is effective for integrating traumatic experiences. It is an approach that helps individuals take control, rather than allowing the traumatic events to run their lives. I use Demartini Method and Gestalt Therapy approach to facilitate individuals to embrace their fears and design the life they are here to live.