I specialize in and love working with couples using Imago Relationship Therapy. It’s an approach I’ve been certified in for 5 years. Imago is an approach that provides a strong framework for helping couples communicate with one another in such a way that helps each person feels heard and understood. Within this approach you’ll be helped to understand at a deeper level what’s contributing to the struggles you are facing. Within our work, an attitude of curiosity will consistently be stressed, and you’ll be encouraged to view conflict as “growth trying to happen.” We will also focus on strengths you have had or do currently have within your relationship, as you don’t want all of your focus and energy going toward “the problem.”

What I have consistently found in doing this work, is that when each person in a couple gives the other the gift of truly opening to understand the other’s perspective and experience, then the energy bound up in the conflict lessens, empathy and curiosity increase, and new solutions can emerge from this space. The typical approach of trying to convince each other that your perspective is the “right one” falls away. You will begin to understand how you actually hold the keys to one another’s growth and healing.

Having been in the counseling field for 20 years, I still consider it an honor to assist couples in their journey toward healing and growth. I look forward to the opportunity of supporting you in learning new ways to connect and find joy together.