I believe that choosing to go to therapy is one of the bravest things you can do. My goal is to honor your courage by creating a compassionate and creative arena for you to do the hard and beautiful work of healing. I am confident that each of my clients has, within them, the unique wisdom and resilience for this work of healing. In that light, my hope is to hold a safe and sacred space for you in which you can access this beautiful potential.

Using a psychodynamic and existential perspective, I recognize that each of us humans is trying to make sense of our greatest fears and joys, and that we do that best in relationship. My hope is to help heal wounds while empowering you to bring deepened insight and skills to your most important personal connections in your life. Once we have developed a safe and trusting environment, I’ll use skills such as mindfulness and grounding, cognitive behavioral therapy and behavioral activation, solution-focused therapy and motivational interviewing to deepen insight into unproductive patterns and provide tools for navigating emotions, relationships, and life goals.

*Note on UMR: I accept UMR insurance for Town of Breckenridge employees only*