I have been studying psychology since 2009 and I would say that this reflects strongly in my approach to mental health and wellness. You’ll probably hear a plethora of book recommendations from me on a regular basis. If someone has experienced what you’re going through before, you can probably find some amazing information between the pages or sound bytes of a book. When I’m not being nerdier than literally all of my clients, I’m usually skiing (very original, I know), hiking (wow even more original!), backpacking (did Colorado throw up on you or something?), knitting (this took a weird turn), painting (okay hippie), or playing music (is it around a campfire?).

In addition to continuously studying psychodynamic therapy, my main therapeutic approach, I also take what is called a humanistic or person centered approach. I truly believe that all humans have the answers they need within them. All they need is a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental person to help them find their way or harness their unique navigational life skills. I am merely what I would consider a consultant to help you unlock your maximum potential and capabilities through insight into who you are.

I work particularly well with adolescents and college students. It could be because I look like I graduated college yesterday, but I’m going to chalk this up to all of my studying and experience at this point. I am also a specialized ADHD counselor and work well with anyone who is walking around thinking that they’re wrong all the time. A freebie for you, we call this internalized shame and I am particularly helpful at assisting people in overcoming this particular psychological challenge. In true, cliche therapist fashion, you can expect a walk around your childhood memories (at your pace) and some “tell me mores” and “how is that impacting you nows.” However, I promise it’s a lot more than that and you’ll find that behind the silly banter, I genuinely care very deeply about everyone I work with and you will be no exception. Give me a call (email is a better way to get a hold of me as a heads up) and let’s see if we can get you feeling better as soon as possible!

*Note for referrals: ADHD evaluations are available upon request. While I do not offer neurocognitive testing, I offer an in-depth, ADHD clinical interview as well as the Brown EF/A Scales and the Vanderbilt. Upon completion of this process, I refer for psychiatric care and diagnostic corroboration in order to ensure accuracy of the diagnosis as well as appropriate medication management if that is appropriate for the client’s care. If the diagnostic picture is more complicated, I refer for neurocognitive testing by a licensed psychologist. I only offer ADHD assessment for ages fifteen and up.