As a Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Johnson works hard to improve marriages. She’s helped couples on the full spectrum of pain and distance: From couples who love each other, but can’t shake the distance they feel, to couples who are at each other’s throats and don’t know how to be vulnerable, to couples who are reeling from the knowledge that their spouse has had an affair. She has expertise in helping men and women who have difficulty in their sexual relationship. Often this can be so perplexing because their relationship is so strong in other areas. No matter the state of your marriage, she’ll get to know your relationship history and the particulars of what’s going on for both of you. You’ll come away with ideas and practical changes to help you feel close again.

Dr. Johnson has over two decades of experience and specialized training in the realm of sexual identity and gender identity, particularly in folks who identify as Christian. She also works with women who have wrestled with an eating disorder and are often scared to death to step away from it. Dr. Johnson uses research-based skills to help women know what to do with emotions, with perfectionism, with relationships… and sometimes we talk about food. In general, you’ll feel empowered to do what you need to do to become the self you were created to be.

Additionally, there are times in our lives when we’re required to “get tested.” Employers, military agencies, adoption agencies all need to gather information about folks in a standardized way. Dr. Johnson conducts psychological evaluations and is able to help you meet the requirements of the organization you are working with. She enjoys helping parents identify if their child meets criteria for gifted identification for schooling.

Finally, Dr. Johnson loves to provide clinical supervision to professionals that are working toward their license. She can supervise licensed professional counselor candidates, psychologist candidates, and unlicensed psychotherapists interested in developing their clinical skills. Her two decades of clinical work have prepared her to help you know what to do (since none of us learned that in school!).