If you are in crisis, please call 911. For non-emergent needs call 988 or CO Crisis Services at 844-493-8255

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Dear Summit County Mental Health Providers,

Hope this message finds you thriving in the new year. This email contains updates on Building Hope’s work and offerings to our provider community.
We have contracted with TheraThink to provide free end-to-end credentialing and billing management services for private providers in Summit County.
Services offered include:
  • Credentialing with Medicaid and commercial insurance carriers
    • Peak Health Alliance carriers: Bright, RMHP, EBMS will not be included as these will panel you immediately upon request.
  • Eligibility and benefits verification for potential clients
  • Easy to use, HIPAA compliant EHR software
  • Full service billing management
    • Daily claims filing, claim tracking & updates, EFT & ERA forms processing, fast payment turn around
If you are a therapist and are interested in using TheraThink’s services for your private practice, please contact denny@therathink.com directly and CC me.
For more information, please watch this recorded webinar: https://youtu.be/HXagI6rUM0w?t=12 (please turn up your sound)
We are hiring! As you may know or have seen in the news, Betsy Casey is leaving Building Hope and will be sorely missed. Attached is a job description to fill her vacant position at Building Hope. Please forward this to your contacts who you think may be a good fit!
Eagle Valley Behavioral Health (EVBH) is continuing to add therapists to their scholarship and EAP program. If you are interested in taking scholarship/EAP clients from Eagle at your private practice, please start the application process here: https://www.mountainstrong.org/Onboarding/Service-Providers.

For questions please contact Dr. Casey Wolfington at casey.wolfington@vailhealth.org

We are excited to announce that our mobile crisis response team, termed SMART (‘Systemwide Mental Assessment Response Team’), is getting set up and ready to provide on-site crisis intervention services in Summit County. Attached is a summary of what SMART will offer our community. In light of this positive shift, please update your voicemails to include the option to call Colorado Crisis Services.
Colorado Crisis Services, which is staffed 24/7 by both peers and crisis clinicians, is capable of dispatching the SMART team if necessary. Please include something along the lines of the following in your voicemail message: “If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call Colorado Crisis Services at 844-493-8255, or text ‘TALK’ to 38255, to speak to a peer or a crisis clinician.”
Lastly, if your availability at your practice has changed recently, please update it here on our website using this link: https://buildinghopesummit.org/index.php?cID=297