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Dear Summit County Mental Health Providers,

Hope this message finds you well. I’m sending this message with two items that are admittedly short notice. Both are offerings of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health (EVBH), which have been extended to Summit County providers.

1) Small group consultation on grief, trauma and kids
EVBH is partnering with Judi’s house to provide a small group consultation for clinicians. A group will take place tomorrow, Fri 6/5, at 9am and will focus on grief and loss for 60 minutes. This is a loose format group that will focus mainly on supporting clinicians with their concerns or questions. EVBH will be hosting a group each Friday for the next 4 weeks. 6 spots are available for tomorrow’s session. If you are interested in attending, please contact Dr. Wolfington at casey.wolfington@vailhealth.org, 

2)  2 CE for FREE: Training June 5  
EVBH and SURO will be presenting Human Geography: “Help I Lost My Map” – Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity Through a Developmental Lens, Presented by Dr. Sarah Burgamy, PsyD, 2 CE FREE. June 5 11am-1pm: Zoom.

This presentation is designed to present a research informed developmental conceptualization of sexual orientation and gender identity development for health service behavioral health clinicians. Contemporary qualitative and quantitative research has identified the concurrent and bi/multi-directional relationship of cognitive and physical development to sexual orientation gender identity development. Additionally, mediating and moderating variables of familial, peer and community support have been identified in mitigating internalizing mental health risk factors such as depression and anxiety as well as suicidal ideation, intent and attempts. Clinicians can further mitigate this risk through professional practice competencies and familiarity with prevailing guidelines and standards of care.

Learn more and register: https://www.speakupreachout.org/training-sessions/2020saraburgamy-ilostmymapQuestions can be sent to Erin info@speakupreachout.org.

Updates on group facilitation opportunities through Building Hope will be forthcoming in a future email. Reminder to please submit your scholarship invoices by tomorrow, and to update your availability status on our website if it has changed recently.

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