Life can often present us with challenges that leave us feeling not like ourselves. Many of us seek to deepen connections to feel a sense of peace, wellness, and fulfillment in our lives, but don’t know where to begin. With over 14 years of experience working in behavioral health, I provide a holistic approach to mental health therapy using evidence-based practices, somatic/body techniques, mindfulness/meditation, & family systems techniques within an attachment framework. My education, experience, and training facilitate a holistic approach to exploring how our own sense of self is interconnected and at play with the systems that operate in our lives.

With a lifetime of connection with the natural environment, I integrate my experience as a licensed therapist with the healing properties of nature. The rhythm and movement of walking allows us to experience the connection between our bodies, minds, and emotions. The physical movement while being outdoors helps us to access out emotions and enhance our ability to process our experiences while feeling grounded and attuned to what we are feeling in the moment. Walking and talking about experiences increases endorphins, improves and increases energy, decreases stress, and improves focus. It increases your brain’s ability to learn new things, regulate emotions, and has a calming effect.