I am grounded, insightful and present and can find the spark in others; the spark that has been lost, beaten down or squelched by the challenges of life. You are the expert on your own life. I will root for you and encourage you with sensitivity and compassion and help you reach your full potential. My work is to help you find balance and peace in your life. This isn’t about advice giving, but rather assisting you in discovering your own truth and inherent wisdom.

My therapeutic approach is mindfulness based. I specialize in: anxiety, attachment, grief/loss, adult sibling conflict resolution after the death of a parent(s), life transitions, LGBTQIA issues, depression, caregiver stress, relationship issues, women’s issues and college stress. I offer mindfulness – based grief support groups. I also offer nature based healing, connecting clients to plants, gardening and the earth.You will experience a new perspective. It is a powerful experience to be seen and heard by another. I offer a grounded presence and offer insight into ways you may reframe your story that has you stuck or in conflict with others.

You will learn the art of balance and how to attain mental and physical health. You will receive tools to help you manage in your day to day life with self-compassion and vulnerability as your super powers.