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The community of Summit County is dealing with unprecedented economic constraints and emotional stress among our young people and adults as a result of the recent crisis. Our Mental Health Scholarship program was created to help people experiencing a mental health struggle who cannot afford to pay for therapy. Qualifying individuals can receive up to 12 therapy sessions with participating providers. Those who do not qualify are assisted in using other financial support such as insurance, employee assistance programs, and government programs as appropriate. Since creating the Insurance Provider Program in 2020,  Building Hope has assisted providers as they navigate the challenging landscape of insurance billing and payments.

“I hope you know how much I appreciate Building Hope for the work you are doing. I have benefited tremendously from your support.  Ravi has been so truly kind to me. I am so grateful for Building Hope and the support you have provided me and my community”


  • 94% of respondents reported they used the Building Hope Mental Health Therapy Scholarship issued to them to receive outpatient mental health therapy. 
  • 9000 therapy sessions have been supported through the Building Hope Mental Health Therapy Scholarships since 2017. 
  • 71 Providers now accept Building Hope Mental Health Therapy Scholarships. 


Hear what our scholarship recipients have to say…

“Being able to have virtual appointments has been super helpful. We are so grateful for all of you at Building Hope and the care and support y’all provide in our community. Keep up the AMAZING work! As my sweet mamma says, ‘may your tribe increase!”

“I can’t thank your organization enough for all that you’ve done to help
my family and the community!!”

For more information please see our “Mental Health Scholarship” page.

You can help by making a donation of any size or $85 Pays for one life-saving mental health therapy session

$1,000 Pays for a round of 12 sessions of life-changing therapy
for a local resident or family who cannot afford therapy.   

Donate Now to Save a Life and help us reach our goal of $50,000 in 50 days!


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