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Dear Summit County Mental Health Providers,

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone is thriving and enjoying 2023 so far!
Treating Bipolar Disorders: An Introduction For Clinicians
First and foremost: you are invited to our upcoming free virtual Bipolar Training with Dr. Aimee Sullivan in partnership with Speak Up Reach Out, on Wed, Jan 18th from 11am-1pm. Please register here: https://www.speakupreachout.org/training-sessions/ce-dr-aimee-sullivan
New Scholarship Reimbursement Rates went into effect Dec 1st, 2022
We are very excited to announce that our scholarship rates have increased for private providers as of 12/1/22. For all those of you who have a private practice, and have submitted an invoice recently, you have been made aware of your specific rate increase in my response to you. If you are not yet aware, please reach out to me directly.
Please continue to verify client benefits for all mental health scholarships!
At the beginning of winter we had notified everyone of a change in policies for our scholarship referrals. We must re-emphasize the importance of ensuring that you are in-network with the client’s insurance that you are seeing through our program. Please also ensure that you verify the client’s benefits so that you know whether their insurance is adequate or not. If they have good insurance, please bill insurance. If not, please bill our scholarship.
Lastly, if the client has a high deductible plan, and is interested in applying scholarship funds to their deductible, and able to pay the difference of what may not be covered by our rate, please go ahead with this if you feel confident in applying our scholarship reimbursement to the client’s deductible. Please reach out for any questions regarding this.
Please refrain from backbilling scholarship sessions in 2023 and onward
As previously announced, we want to reiterate the importance of accurate and complete billing per month. Dates that are backbilled are unable to be reported by us to our grants and we lose out on recouping the money that would otherwise have been covered by grants. Please do your best to submit your billing on time (the 5th) and without past dates. We may only be able to approve backbilling in extenuating circumstances going forward and on a case-by-case basis.
**However, we will absolutely make exceptions if you are trying to bill insurance for your client and it does not work out, resulting in late billing. We are very much interested in trying to use insurance whenever possible, so please don’t let that get in the way of this. Bill insurance if you can, and if it doesn’t come through (even if months later) let me know and we’ll get it paid.
Summit County Behavioral Health Education Fund
The Summit County Behavioral Health Education Fund promotes behavioral health equity and staff development and retention by supporting career growth for those interested in becoming a licensed behavioral health provider and/or help the community to retain existing behavioral health professionals. Through educational awards we have the potential to reduce a major gap in the behavioral health service spectrum – by increasing the number of licensed therapists and case workers in Summit County, therefore also filling gaps in available resources within the community.   
The program, funded through Strong Future and RMHF grants, prioritizes applications that will help to reduce gaps in mental health services in Summit County (bilingual providers, etc.) and priority status can change as community needs change over time. 
Please find the attached Program overview for your reference and share this email and information with anyone who might be interested.  
Please reach out to the program administrator for questions: Kelly McGann kelmcgann@gmail.com.
Building Hope can pay for half of insurance credentialing fees to become in-network
In partnership with Left Hand Management, our billing vendor, if you are a private practice therapist and are seeking to become in network with any insurance carriers or Medicaid/Medicare, please let me know and I will arrange that we will pay for half the fees associated with credentialing. You will owe $125 per carrier instead of $250.
Please send in your support group updates!
If you have recently made changes, started/shifted/ended any support group offering, please let us know so that we can update our network, website and referrals. Thank you!
Office space available to rent in Breckenridge
Nancy Martin has office space available for rent: it is $250 per month with windows and a private waiting area. The address is 106 N. French St., Ste 220, Breckenridge, CO. Please email Nancy for more details: acenterforhealing@gmail.com
BreckWorks is a new co-working space in Breckenridge with space available to rent. Please see breckworks.com for more information or email hello@breckworks.com to inquire.
LPCs will be able to accept Medicare in a couple years!!
Directions for credentialing with Lucent (in case Peak Health Alliance hasn’t reached out to you yet)
The new insurer through Peak for Summit County Govt is Lucent. Getting credentialed is easy: just email John Snyder at Peak <John@peakhealthalliance.org> with your Provider/Entity Name, TIN and NPI, and he’ll get it taken care of. Please email him with any additional questions as well and he should be able to help.
New Adolescent EOP (Enhanced Outpatient Program) at Mile High
MHBHC is starting an Adolescent EOP on Tuesday, January 24th! The attached flyer provides details – it will meet every Tuesday and Thursday through April 13th to develop regulation and communication skills, as well as process emotions, experiences and eat pizza. The group will include rolling admission and there will be additional cohorts throughout the year, so teens can join when they need support and receive that support as long as is needed. There are also options for teens to attend our EOP sessions in conjunction with group art therapy at Mile High or Wild Youth Passages in order to access additional care as needed.
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Group

Hannah Buzzo is hosting a KAP group with Mandy Glasmeyer (High Country Infusions) beginning in March. The goal for this group is to be able to bring Ketamine based transformative work to more people, while using a modality that allows us to do so while also lowering the costs. Please see attached flyer for more information.

Workforce Center offering Grow with Google Career Certificates
The Workforce Center in Frisco has received a grant to offer Google Career Certificates. They have programs in the following fields:
  • Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • IT Support
  • Digital Marketing & E-commerce
Anyone interested in a grant for these certificates can email aaron.matheson@state.co.us. There are no eligibility requirements for this program other than being a Colorado resident. You can find out more information about the Grow with Google Certificates here.
Monthly Mental Health Provider Zoom Meeting hosted by Bldg Hope
Please join us and your fellow Summit County Mental Health Providers for a monthly Zoom check in which takes place on the first Tuesday of every month at 8am. We use this meeting as an opportunity to introduce ourselves, share our offerings, discuss trends as to what we’re seeing in our practice, and talk through potential opportunities, referrals, news, etc.
Meeting minutes are attached for your review!
Several places are hiring (including Bldg Hope)!
Please check out our Careers In The Community webpage! Please let us know if you have job opportunities you’d like to post and we’ll put them up for you!
Summit Community Care Clinic is hiring for a school based health integrated behavioral health provider. Please see the attachment for additional details, but apply on www.summitclinic.org – Career Opportunities – SBHC Integrated Behavioral Health Provider.
Andrea Brown, owner of Slopeside Counseling, is hiring for a Bi-Lingual Client Services Coordinator. This is a 1099 contract position, beginning at $27/hr for about 10 hours a week currently. The job req is attached.
School Based Health is hiring for several clinician roles at SHS, SMS, elementary schools, and also Leadville. Please contact Marisa for more information.
Front Range Clinic is hiring, please contact Dayna for more information.
FIRC is hiring!
Building Hope will soon post job listings for two roles:
1) part time Bilingual Program Coordinator
2) full time Events Coordinator
Please reach out to Kellyn with interest
As always, thanks for everything you do. Please let us know if there’s anything Building Hope can do to support your practice.

OOO alert — I will be overseas on vacation from 1/14 to 2/5 — please contact JenQG for scholarships/referrals and Kellyn for any other issues during my absence.
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